You already gave your permission.Please confirm your E-Mail

de werkzaamheden in de straat voor de aanleg van glasvezel

Good news! We have already successfully received your permission for your own free fiber optic connection! For example, trough the employee at the door or during the visit of our fiber optic preparer.

Confirm E-Mail adress

You have indicated that you would like us to keep you informed by e-mail and SMS about the work for your fiber optic connection. For this you need to confirm your email address . If you haven't done this before, we just sent you an email. Confirm your e-mail address via the button in this e-mail. Only then can we keep you informed of important updates by e-mail and SMS.

What can you expect now?

If our fiber optic preparer has not yet visited you, he will contact you soon to determine together where your connection will be in the house. We then connect your home to the fiber optic network of KPN NetwerkNL. We do this during our work in your street. With this you are ready for all new possibilities.

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